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Meet the Makers: Haku Collective - Hawaiian Lullaby Set

Grammy-nominated musician Kimié Miner and Haku Collective just launched a brand new product, their Hawaiian Lullaby puzzle! This month, we're pairing it with a signed copy of Kimié's award-winning Hawaiian Lullaby album as our exclusive Meet the Makers set–perfect for the entire ‘ohana! Get your own set to enjoy it along with us during our Meet the Makers finale on Tuesday, February 8with the creative force behind Haku Collective (Cohort 5), Kimié herself!

Listen to the "Hawaiian Lullaby" album while you piece together this puzzle with your whole family. From this mama bird to you & yours, Kimié hopes you enjoy this quality time with your ‘ohana (family) with the multi-sensory experience of assembling this puzzle and listening to good local tunes.

Orders must be placed by Thursday, Feb. 3 for delivery by the finale event on Tuesday, February 8. 

Hawaiian Lullaby Puzzle (Limited-Edition)

Enjoy Haku Collective's newest collaboration with Pili Puzzles. Pili Puzzles is the new little sister brand to Surf Shack Puzzles. Pili Puzzles focuses specifically on education and perpetuation of the Hawaiian language Hawaii’s keiki, and are designed to uplift culture and community. Their puzzles are 100% recycled and printed with non-toxic inks, and also come in 100% recycled packaging. 

Hawaiian Lullaby CD - Physical CD

Grammy-nominated album! 

“This album is more than just a Hawaiian lullaby album. Itʻs full of love songs for all ages. It beckons us to relax and enjoy the beautiful mele and lyrics found in paradise. This is truly a collective effort, featuring many top Hawaiian artists. We feature popular cover songs with Hawaiian translations." -Kimié Miner

Featured Artists:
Kimié Miner, Imua Garza, Pamela Garza, Anuhea, DeAndre, Josh Tatofi, Kalani Pe'a, Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole, Kapena, Paula Fuga, and The Green.  

About Haku Collective

kimie miner scotty wilks haku collective

Kimié Miner, Hawaiʻi singer-songwriter has been weaving connections between musical artists for years, but more recently desired to create an organization that would better support the legacy of music across our state. In 2016, she became determined to scale the connections she was providing her fellow island artists. After being presented with another opportunity in the industry, she called a trusted friend in the music business, Scotty Wilks. Within a week, they had a strategy and a name that was perfect for their full-service music, audio and talent production group–Haku Collective. 

The collective plays a 360-degree role of a recording studio, indie label, booking agent, publishing and management providing different opportunities to artists in order to help build local musicians’ following and repertoire. The ultimate artist collaboration, of course, was the Hawaiian Lullaby album. Released in 2019, the Hawaiian Lullaby album by Haku Collective is a compilation of popular songs and lullabies in both the English and Hawaiian languages. It includes some of the top recording artists from Hawaiʻi such as Kimié, Anuhea, Josh Tatofi, Kalani Pe‘a, The Green, DeAndre, Kaumakaiwa Kanaka‘ole, Kapena, Paula Fuga, and Imua Garza featuring his mother, Pamela Garza. Underlying the success of the collective’s formula, the Hawaiian Lullaby album earned a GRAMMY nomination in 2019. 

After the success of the Hawaiian Lullaby album, Haku Collective expanded to offer a line of apparel and other accessories to families shopping for their little ones—inspired when one of the founders got firsthand experience in the market. As a mom of two (with one on the way!) and consumer of baby products, Kimié wanted to create a line of products that she would love to use as a mom. She even recently partnered with fellow Mana Up company Coco Moon on a fun collaboration, incorporating lyrics of songs and imagery that coincide with the Hawaiian Lullaby album. In addition to onesies, swaddling blankets and quilts, Haku Collective offers adult apparel, beach blankets, accessories, and plans to add more to its inventory. 

Hawaiian people have always been innovators–they are the wayfinders of a new generation, yet the songs carry the echoes of our ancestors. While Miner and Wilks are integrating more components into Haku Collective, the mission for the group remains the same–whether itʻs a blanket or a song, the brand strives to share the rich culture and diverse music beyond Hawaiʻi and with a global market.

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