Living sustainably has always been ingrained in our culture here in Hawaii so offering products that reflect this is important to us at House of Mana Up. Here you can find products from our local makers and artisans that share a passion for protecting and caring for our land and oceans. From reef-safe sunscreen and non-toxic nail polish to plastic-free food wraps and snacks with sustainably sourced ingredients, we have eco-friendly and sustainable gifts for everyone! These sustainable gift ideas are made from sustainably sourced products. We want to make sure that we are not damaging our environment so that the beauty of Hawaii can live on for millennia.


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But just because we’re talking about sustainable gifts, don’t think that everything is made from hemp or that you’re really roughing it with these products. We have sustainable gifts for her--like Ao Organics Hawai’i Detoxifying Clay Mask and Awakening Eye Serum--and we have sustainable gifts for him--like HAYN Core Collection Slippers and Sriracha Ahi Tuna Jerky. With all of these sustainable gifts for friends you’ll never have to feel like you’re selling away the soul of Hawaii when you’re getting your loved one a gift.

So when you’re exploring, travel light with sustainably sourced products that make your vacation even more of an adventure, with the Meli Wraps Travel Eco Pack that is a set of rose gold stainless steel cutlery in a handmade organic pouch--you’ll never be using disposable utensils again!

And there are SO many good things to eat, from the aforementioned Tuna Jerkies to the sustainably produced Island Harvest Macadamias to the decadent Wai Meli Local Raw Honey. Sustainable gifts for friends just leveled up with Mana Up!

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