About Us

At House of Mana Up, we feature the unique stories of Hawai'i's rising entrepreneurs -- and the premium brands they've built -- so that you can learn more about the makers and artisans behind Hawai'i's product economy. 

You'll find  food, fashion, home, beauty and art products here that not only highlight the incredible ingredients grown and cultures found here in the Hawaiian Islands, but also foster our local community with high-quality jobs, agricultural sustainability, and a regenerative culture of entrepreneurship. 

As our 'ohana (family) of local companies grows, so does Hawai'i's homegrown economy! Come explore and discover all that Hawai'i has to offer! Know that your support directly impacts Hawai'i's growing economy and the next generation of local entrepreneurs.


Mana Up is an initiative to expand economic opportunity, business infrastructure, and higher wage jobs in Hawai’i. We host a 6-month accelerator program that provides customized education and training on how to scale a global business from Hawai’i, we facilitate key mentorship and partnership opportunities, and we run an omnichannel retail business, House of Mana Up, to connect more tourists and locals to authentically local brands. 

By helping to build scalable companies based in Hawaii who source from local Hawai’i agriculture and manufacture locally whenever possible, we aim to generate uncapped wealth potential for locals and well-paying jobs. A strong local product economy can create meaningful job opportunities for the next generation of locals, sustainable tourism by integrating visitors with local people and companies, diversification of economy through exports based on our unique niche in the international market, and economical use of thousands of acres of open agricultural land in Hawai’i.