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Aloha Elixir - Creating Peace Set

Featured product from the Broadcast Showcase

Exclusive set for House of Mana Up

Enjoy this set complete with some of Aloha Elixir's best-selling products, and treat yourself while you indulge in these luxury apothecary items that promote healing, encourage the power of focused intention and self-growth.
This set includes the following products:
  • Angel Soy Intention Candle
  • Angel Gardenia Botanical Spray
  • Gratitude Soy Intention Candle
  • Crystal Clear Palo Santo Clearing Spray
  • Harmonious Home Intention Soy Candle 

Angel Candle
Your guiding light. Trust your intuition and spirit guide communication. Connecting with your guardian angels aides in subconscious communication, meditation, channeling, energy clearing, and sending remote healing. Available in the gardenia fragrance oil scent. 

Angel Gardenia Botanical Spray
Reconnect yourself to the divine. Connecting with your guardian angels aides in subconscious communication, meditation, channeling, energy clearing, and remote healing. Use this powerful elixir when you need comfort, stability, and protection, or to feel the loving presence and safety of the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Uriel, Raziel, Haniel, Gabriel, etc.

Gratitude Soy Intention Candle 
Show thanks for the blessings you have received throughout the year and continue to experience blessings into the New Year. This candle is created with the same mantras and affirmations used in all Fire Elixir products, and also charged with rare lemurian crystals and black amethyst. 

Crystal Clear Palo Santo Clearing Spray
Clear the air and your aura. Perfect for use on the go or in any sacred space to clear away lower vibrations, and raise the feeling of wellbeing anywhere, anytime. Mist anywhere in the home or on the body (do not spray in face or eyes).

Harmonious Home Intention Soy Candle 

Bless, purify and release. Cleanse and bless the environment you inhabit with positive energy. Clear stagnant energy and raise the vibration of a person or space. Light this Fire Elixir to help bless your environment with positive energy. Available in the lavender and rosemary essential oil fragrance.


  • Angel Soy Intention Candle: Gemstones (Fresh Water Pear, Quartz Crystal)
  • Angel Gardenia Botanical Spray: Gardenia Fragrance Oil, Distilled Spring Water Gemstones: Fresh Water Pearls, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz.
  • Gratitude Soy Intention Candle: Soy Wax, Essential Oil Blend, Windsong Balsam Pine Fragrance Oil, Gold Stone, Clear Quartz.
  • Crystal Clear Palo Santo Clearing Spray: Hawaiian Ti Leaf, ʻŌlena, Palo Santo, Natural Hawaiian Sea Salt, High-Frequency Sound Charged Water, Gemstones (Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz).
  • Harmonious Home Intention Soy Candle: Gemstones (Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate).


About Aloha Elixir

keoki tavares aloha elixir

Keoki Tavares, a psychic-turned-entrepreneur and founder of Aloha Elixir, always had intuitive abilities. However, in 2014, after a desire to help his clients seek change and new opportunities beyond the readings, Tavares created Aloha Elixir as a way to help them embark on their wellness journeys.

Today, the Hawaiian-conscious brand sells soy candles, intention sprays and other apothecary products targeted at healing and encouraging the power of focused intention, all while promoting self-growth. All of Aloha Elixir’s products are made on O‘ahu and use natural materials sourced from local Hawaiian vendors when possible 

Tavares, a globally renowned Spiritual Guide and Intention Coach has long been incorporating candles into his personal practice, which he handcrafts using high vibrational oils, crystals, and herbs to amplify his purpose. His popular intention-based elixirs are also uniquely charged with quartz crystals, positive affirmations and sacred geometry. To accompany these products, Tavares offers “how to” videos on his website to facilitate customers with using their candles as tools to raise their human potential and support self-development.​

Over the years, Aloha Elixir has gained popularity beyond the islands, and is now a well-known brand amongst celebrities as well. Its intention remains the same as the day it opened up shop–to guide others as they light the path to their purpose, all through the spirit of aloha.

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