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The Aloha Shirt
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Bess Press is best known as Hawaiʻi's local publisher. Since 1979, the company has produced over 300 books related to Hawaiʻi and the greater Pacific. As a leading educational publisher, the Press continues to develop curriculum and resource materials for use in schools, as well as for the greater community in popular interest themes such as children's books, memoirs, pidgin, history, gift books and more.

Serving as one of Hawai‘i’s most famous ambassadors for 75+ years, the Hawaiian shirt—aka Aloha shirt—is more
popular than ever. From California to Tokyo, hundreds of manufacturers are turning out modern-day shirts costing
from $15 to $100. Collectors on eBay and at New York auction houses are paying thousands of dollars for a single
shirt that cost less than a dollar in 1935. Now a half-billion-dollar-a-year industry, the Aloha shirt holds its legacy as
a palpable symbol of Hawai‘i’s “Aloha Spirit.”

Second-generation Aloha shirt maker Dale Hope grew up during the era when it came to be recognized as a spiritual
badge. Having spent his career devoted to the Hawaiian shirt, Hope is the perfect guy to share its colorful story.
With this fully updated edition of The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands (June 2016), the complete book is now the
most enduring souvenir ever invented. Hope’s authoritative book recounts the colorful stories behind these marvelous
shirts: as cultural icons, evocative of the mystery and the allure of the islands, capturing the vibe of the waterman
culture and lifestyle—casual, relaxed, and fun.

Hope draws from interviews, newspaper and magazine archives, and personal memorabilia to trace the splashy history
of Hawaiian shirts from their beginnings right after the Great Depression to today, when they are enjoying a

Highlighting the innovative artists, risk-taking manufacturers and silky fabrics behind the success of the world’s
most famous shirt, The Aloha Shirt is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of full color images, vintage black-and-white
photos, and priceless examples of period “Hawaiiana.”

Originally published in 2000, the new edition features more photos and new material, including an introduction by
surfing legend Gerry Lopez and contributions from Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.