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Bess Press - Then There Were None

Then There Were None, by award-winning Honolulu writer and artist Martha H. Noyes, is a personal and emotional account, in words and pictures, of the effect of Western contact on the Hawaiian population. Drawing from a variety of sources, Noyes chronicles the effects, from the arrival of Capt. Cook to the present, of disease, written language, the missionaries, landownership, the overthrow of the monarchy, and the suppression of hula and Hawaiian language, concluding with a look at present-day activism. Photographs vividly contrast tourist images with scenes from the real Hawaʻii and highlight the contrast between a culture rooted in cosmology and the material culture of those who made Hawaiʻi their own.


  • By Martha H. Noyes
  • Hard cover, 5" x 6"
  • 120 pp

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