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Big Island Coffee Roasters - Espresso Bites Duo

Made with a 100% Hawaiian Coffee and five natural, organic ingredients, Espresso Bites look and taste like chocolate, but contain no chocolate at all. Enjoy this Espresso Bites Duo, which includes these two flavors:

Classic Espresso Bites:

The original Espresso Bites bar tastes smooth, creamy and slightly sweet, with notes of fudge, raisins, caramel and of course, roasted coffee. Enjoy this edible espresso bar on your coffee break in bites, or melted in hot water for an espresso-to-go! Contains 3 shots of espresso.

Hawaiʻi Sea Salt Espresso Bites:

Grown in red volcanic soil, Maui coffees produce a smooth espresso with notes of caramel and nuts. Big Island Coffee Roasters tops it with mineral-rich sea salt from Moloka‘i. A little salty, a little sweet and decadently wild, it's Maui espresso that travels with you. Contains 3 shots of espresso.


Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Sugar, 100% Hawai‘i-Grown Coffee, Hawai‘i Sea Salt, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, Whole Vanilla Bean.

Net Weight: 1.5 oz/42.5g

About Big Island Coffee Roasters

Kelleigh Stewart Brandon Von Damitz Big Island Coffee Roasters

Big Island Coffee Roasters is an award-winning Hawai‘i coffee farm, mill and roaster with premium coffee products from Puna, Kona, Ka‘u, Hamakua, Maui and O‘ahu. Distinguished by its unique inventory, Big Island Coffee Roasters features the Taste of Hawaii Coffee Club and Espresso Bites bars made from 100% Hawaiian coffees and 0% chocolate. In 2010, an unexpected opportunity arose for the cofounders Kelleigh Stewart and Brandon von Damitz to purchase a small coffee farm in a neglected region of Hawai‘i. As they integrated themselves into the community of farmers and sampled coffees from around the islands, they were surprised by the variety and regions that are largely overshadowed–they wanted to change that.

Over the next two years, the team taught itself to farm, process and roast coffee. They tested and tasted the differences between coffee processes, cultivars, regions and roast profiles. When they found the methods and profiles that produced good results, they collaborated with neighboring farmers to do the same and began sourcing their coffees as well.

A love for wild and beautiful places brought the dynamic duo to the Big Island. Respect for the terrain and appreciation for the local farmers has kept them there. And their loyal customers have made it possible for small farms like theirs to continue doing what they love to do: growing and roasting Hawai‘i’s great coffees.

Since then, Big Island Coffee Roasters has been dedicated to developing and showcasing Hawai‘i’s coffee quality and diversity. In addition to numerous awards and accolades, the brand’s coffees have been praised for its artisanship by the likes of Coffee Review, Honolulu Magazine, Edible Hawaiian, Brutus, UPROXX, Island Air and San Francisco Chronicle. Additionally, cofounder Kelleigh was honored in 2017 for being one of Hawai'i's Top 40 Under 40. 

How they give back:

Big Island Coffee Roasters has fairly paid coffee farmers over $2 million since 2015. 

Annually, they host give-back campaigns with proceeds benefiting national parks, Project Hawai'i and Ocean Film Festival among others.

The team has also given back to the community of Puna, a historically disadvantaged area, and was awarded a Hawaii Senate Certificate for doing so!

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