Cherished Hawaiian Quilts and Other Joys

Patricia Lei Murray’s Hawaiian quilts made during the past twelve years and the stories behind them. Each chapter focuses on a Hawaiian value for living and the particular quilts that illustrate its message.

Discover the beauty of our island people and the personal quilts that tell their stories. Hear the tales of childhood that honor family life and spark the creation of memory quilts. Learn the historic significance of the Hawaiian Flag quilts that defied the fall of the Hawaiian Monarchy. Feel the emotions of being spared by the timely arrival of the Kipu‘upu‘u winds…and see the quilt that marked that event. These are true stories.

About the Author

Patricia Lei’s work has been published and exhibited internationally. Her joys continue to be in quilting, teaching and writing. She is presently working on a new children’s book. She loves being surrounded by her grandchildren. And yes, When the Murray ‘ohana comes home, they celebrate with music, hula, laughter and good food. And if they stay over, there’s always enough quilts for everyone.

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