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Hawaiian Pie Co. - Yoshio and Yasu Baker's Brew Coffee

Hawaiian Pie Co. is a family-owned bakery in Honolulu that specializes in melt-in-your-mouth buttery fruit pies and baked goods.

Bakers rise early and are fueled by great coffee. Great-grandpa Yoshio and Grandpa Yasu were master bakers that could always be found with a hot cup of coffee in hand. At 4 a.m. in front of a hot oven or 8 p.m. after finishing dinner with family, coffee was always their beverage of choice. Precisely roasted Guatamalan arabica beans are what make up this dark-roast blend that features long notes of dark chocolate and raisin. It's best enjoyed in the quiet moments before the start of a long day, during breaks when you're talking story with others and always with family.

Dark-roast Coffee Blend


Net Weight: 8 oz/ 227 grams

About Hawaiian Pie Co.

hori family hawaiian pie co.Joel Hori was born into a clan of bakers and grew up at the original Holy’s Bakery location in Manoa. With the experience and recipes passed down from his parents Joel, along with his wife, Jan and their three kids, continue to honor the family legacy through Hawaiian Pie Company. The Hori ‘ohana shares its story of strong family roots and aloha with its customers in every slice.

The brand of baked goods known for bringing you its three pound pies filled with butter and happiness, was built on the idea of merging their past with their future. The now Honolulu-based company started by Grandpa Yasu, represents four generations of bakers.

Today, it operates on O‘ahu in its bakery tucked away on Waikamilo Road, where the newest generation of Horis creates its artisanal pies and other sweet confectioneries–plus experiments with new flavors from its Banana Foster pie to Pineapple Whip pie!

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