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Big Island Coffee Roasters - Hawaiian Coffees - 7 Oz. ARCHIVE

100% Kona Peaberry

This 100% Kona Peaberry coffee was the best Kona peaberry and second-highest rating in a cupping of Hawaiian coffees for Coffee Review’s May 2019 tasting report. Peaberry coffees tend to have a greater density of flavor, sugars, and lipids compared to regular coffee beans. You could think of these Kona peaberry beans as being the 'only child' of a coffee cherry, enjoying all the nutrients to itself.

Peaberry coffees are rare, comprising only 3-7% of the total crop. These pea-shaped, natural formations of the coffee bean are thought to form when several pistils get knocked off the coffee flower, causing only one seed to form inside the coffee fruit rather than two.

Hawaiian Harmony 

This 100% Hawaiian coffee is a harmonized blend for those who like their coffees with a medium-full creamy mouthfeel and low acidity. It's balanced enough to enjoy as espresso, filter, or press pot.

As an espresso, you'll notice ample crema, but no matter how you brew it you'll get a 100% Hawaiian coffee with balanced sweetness and notes of butterscotch, cocoa, nutmeg, and dried fruit.

Kaʻu Morning Glory 

Each year the team tastes dozens of Kaʻu coffees grown by different farms in the region, spanning the three primary growing areas: Cloud's Rest, Wood Valley and Pear Tree. They look for coffees that showcase the best of the terroir, with a natural caramel-like sweetness, notes of roasted pecans, and a juicy, citrusy sweetness, like tangerine or peach.

They then blend the best Kaʻu coffees to create their signature single-origin Kaʻu Morning Glory coffee. While their strengths are often different, they compliment each other nicely: bright, long and juicy fruit tones with a medium-full body and candied nut finish.

Kona Geisha

Enigmatic, exclusive, unforgettable, phenomenal, "God in a cup." These have all been used to describe the elusive, sexy Geisha coffee variety, originally from the Gori Gesha Forest in Ethiopia and now grown in Kona.

Geisha coffee is a variety that originated in Ethiopia, renowned for the aromatic, complex, floral, and fruit-forward profile it produces. Because of the unusual flavor profile, rarity, production cost and demand, Geisha coffees have become an aficionado's obsession. This award-winning Geisha coffee is grown in Kona and has earned Best Kona Coffee at the Kona Coffee Cultural Competition (2018) and Grand Champion at the Hawaii Coffee Association Cupping Competition (2018).

Beyond being hand-harvested and meticulously produced by the Stille family at their Monarch Estate farm in Holualoa, the coffee is produced using sustainable farm practices and without harmful chemicals. To cultivate Kona Geisha, the Stille family practices cover-cropping, composting, and interplanting to protect the ecosystem and attract butterflies, bees, and pollinators to their land.

Kona Bloom 

For bright and sweet coffee lovers, the medium roast 100% Kona coffee, Kona Bloom comes from the same farm as its best-selling Kona Moon and Kona Peaberry. These sweet, floral and balanced Kona coffee beans are unflavored and have tasting notes of jasmine, peach, honey, caramel and toffee.

Compared with the other medium Hawaiian coffees, Kona Bloom is a bit more smooth, floral and delicate, while Kaʻu Wood Valley is brighter, akin to white wine, and Maui Mellow has stronger notes of roasted nuts.

After Kona Bloom is milled, it undergoes three additional steps that elevate the quality and meets the team's expectations: optical sorting, grading and storing in GrainPro bags.

Kona Moon 

For dark coffee lovers, the dark roast 100% Kona coffee, Kona Moon comes from the same farm as Big Island Coffee Roasters' best-selling Kona Bloom and Kona Peaberry. These smooth, balanced and sweet Kona coffee beans are unflavored and have real tasting notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, graham cracker and cookies.

Compared with the other dark Hawaiian coffees, Kona Moon is a bit more chocolatey and smooth, while Kaʻu Darkwood is spicier and Hamakua Stout Heart Dark has a fuller mouthfeel.

After Kona Moon is milled, it undergoes three additional steps that elevate the quality and meets the team's expectations: optical sorting, grading and storing in GrainPro bags.


100% Kona Peaberry

  • Tasting notes: Rich-toned, deeply sweet; sweet-toned structure. Cinnamon, caramel, plum, black cherry, magnolia, cacao nibs and fresh-cut cedar.
  • Roast: Medium-light or Medium-dark  
  • Origin: Hand-harvested in Kona District.

Hawaiian Harmony

  • Tasting notes: Creamy, sweet and balanced. Butterscotch, cocoa, cream, nutmeg, dried fruit. 
  • Roast: Medium-dark Espresso Roast 
  • Origin: Big Island & Maui 

Ka‘u Morning Glory

  • Tasting notes: Bright and sweet. Pecan, caramel, cinnamon and spruce with juicy elements of orange and vanilla. 
  • Roast: Medium  
  • Origin: Ka‘u District, Big Island (Wood Valley & Cloud's Rest) 

Kona Geisha

  • Tasting notes: Bright and complex. Pomegranate, green apple, jasmine, rose, vanilla, honeysuckle, cucumber, sage, pecan pie; the perfume of flowers and fruit. 
  • Roast: Medium-light 
  • Origin: Kona District, Big Island 

Kona Bloom

  • Light and syrupy mouthfeel. Honey-butter, toffee, nougat, jasmine cacao and stone fruit.  
  • Roast: Medium  
  • Origin: Kona District, Big Island  

Kona Moon

  • Tasting notes: Smooth and balanced. Dark chocolate, hazelnut and graham cracker cookies. 
  • Roast: Dark  
  • Origin: Kona District, Big Island 

Net Weight: 7 oz

About Big Island Coffee Roasters

Kelleigh Stewart Brandon Von Damitz Big Island Coffee Roasters

Big Island Coffee Roasters is an award-winning Hawai‘i coffee farm, mill and roaster with premium coffee products from Puna, Kona, Ka‘u, Hamakua, Maui and O‘ahu. Distinguished by its unique inventory, Big Island Coffee Roasters features the Taste of Hawaii Coffee Club and Espresso Bites bars made from 100% Hawaiian coffees and 0% chocolate. In 2010, an unexpected opportunity arose for the cofounders Kelleigh Stewart and Brandon von Damitz to purchase a small coffee farm in a neglected region of Hawai‘i. As they integrated themselves into the community of farmers and sampled coffees from around the islands, they were surprised by the variety and regions that are largely overshadowed–they wanted to change that.

Over the next two years, the team taught itself to farm, process and roast coffee. They tested and tasted the differences between coffee processes, cultivars, regions and roast profiles. When they found the methods and profiles that produced good results, they collaborated with neighboring farmers to do the same and began sourcing their coffees as well.

A love for wild and beautiful places brought the dynamic duo to the Big Island. Respect for the terrain and appreciation for the local farmers has kept them there. And their loyal customers have made it possible for small farms like theirs to continue doing what they love to do: growing and roasting Hawai‘i’s great coffees.

Since then, Big Island Coffee Roasters has been dedicated to developing and showcasing Hawai‘i’s coffee quality and diversity. In addition to numerous awards and accolades, the brand’s coffees have been praised for its artisanship by the likes of Coffee Review, Honolulu Magazine, Edible Hawaiian, Brutus, UPROXX, Island Air and San Francisco Chronicle. Additionally, cofounder Kelleigh was honored in 2017 for being one of Hawai'i's Top 40 Under 40. 

How they give back:

Big Island Coffee Roasters has fairly paid coffee farmers over $2 million since 2015. 

Annually, they host give-back campaigns with proceeds benefiting national parks, Project Hawai'i and Ocean Film Festival among others.

The team has also given back to the community of Puna, a historically disadvantaged area, and was awarded a Hawaii Senate Certificate for doing so!

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