Kaimana Jerky - Ahi Tuna "Hawaiian Warrior"
Kaimana Jerky - Ahi Tuna "Hawaiian Warrior"
Kaimana Jerky - Ahi Tuna "Hawaiian Warrior"
Kaimana Jerky - Ahi Tuna "Hawaiian Warrior"

Kaimana Jerky

Kaimana Jerky - Ahi Tuna "Hawaiian Warrior"
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Kaimana Tuna Jerky comes in the original, peppered, and teriyaki flavors.  This savory, delicious snack contains 23 grams of protein per bag and is exclusively made with wild caught tuna, fresh from the Pacific Ocean in the waters of Hawai'i.  Premium fish with natural ingredients. Taste the power of the sea.

• This premium Ahi Tuna jerky is ideal for discerning tastes.

• Wild Caught & All Natural, we don't rely on any artificial preservatives or MSG, only on quality!

• Completely Soy Free & Sugar Free and only 90 calories per serving! This jerky has the lowest sodium content out of all our flavors. 

• Hawaiian Warrior Tuna Jerky is absolutely Paleo diet friendly, borne of ancient traditions brought into the modern world.

• Dried to perfection and seasoned lightly with a variety of the highest quality spices and ingredients. Please note that this jerky is much drier than our other flavors. 

• Crafted by hand in Hawaii, USA where the tradition began and lives on.

• 1.5 oz resealable bag

Ingredients: Ahi Tuna, Sea Salt, Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke, Organic Onion Powder, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Red Chili, Organic Sesame Oil. Contains: Fish


Net Weight: 1 oz/ 28 grams