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Maui Crisps - Artisanal Beef Chips - 3 Pack

Maui Crisps' jerky is made with the tastiest ingredients on the island of Maui, Hawaiʻi. Crafted in small batches, it strives to produce only the highest quality pipikaula–Hawaiian beef jerky. A staple of the 19th century paniolo (cowboys), the name pipikaula translates as “beef rope” and is as popular today as it was back on the open range. Maui Crisps are a mix of old and new: traditional family recipes merged with lighter, crunchier chips unlike any other jerky—it’s an original! Ultra thin slices of high quality beef are marinated in the tastiest family sauces and dried to crispy perfection on the slopes of Haleakala. Enjoy!



  • Original
  • Teriyaki
  • Cracked Pepper

Net Weight:

  • 1.6 oz each bag

About Maui Crisps

blaine beth apo maui crisps

Started by owners Blaine and Beth Apo on accident, Maui Crisps is a family-owned business born in the Hawaiian Islands. One day, the couple attempted to perfect a recipe forpipikaula–the Hawaiian version of beef jerky eaten by cowboys–in a micro-sized kitchen at the gas station it was managing at the time. They hand sliced the beef, prepared it for the drying step, and once the dehydration process was complete, the pair discovered that the edges were surprisingly crispy instead of being chewy as anticipated. Shortly after, the Apos decided to cut slices of their high-quality meat even thinner using a new electric meat slicer in order to perfect the jerky’s texture. After several months of test runs, they finally refined the process they employ today!

Maui Crisps captures the local flavors of the islands by crafting its beef crisps using its paper-thin, dried slices of heaven. This delicious island snack offers a great, new and unique way to savor local beef. 

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