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Meet the Makers - Wai Meli

Meet Kawika Sebag, founder of Wai Meli, who will take you through his Pa‘auilo farm where he harvests real Hawaiian honey. Follow local beekeeper, Kawika, who not only harvests honey, but also helps to promote sustainability in agriculture by assisting the plight of the honeybee while doing so. During this event, you’ll dive into the world of local bees and honey harvesting on the Island of Hawai‘i.

Get Kawika’s exclusive seasonal tasting set! Join your maker in experiencing exclusive seasonal honey varietals and get a glimpse into the heart and story of Wai Meli honey. Ranging from sweet and floral to deep and complex, this unique array of honeys features these local varietals:
  • Lehua Blossom from Pa‘auilo
  • Summer Blossom from Kapa‘au
  • Christmas Berry Blossom Kapa‘au

Order your tasting set by Friday, Sept. 24 to receive it in time for the Art of Beekeeping Experience on Wednesday, Sept. 29. 

About Wai Meli

david kawika sebag wai meli

Founded by Kawika Sebag, Wai Meli harvests Hawaiʻi-grown honey in an effort to promote sustainability in agriculture and facilitate the plight of the honeybee. Wai Meli is produced by Big Island Moonbow Farms, a small-scale beekeeping venture located on Hawai’i Island. The unique flowers and nectar our islands have to offer help to create its special and delicious honey–from the Lehua Blossom Honey to its Eucalyptus Blossom Honey. 

Inspired by the plight of the honeybee in Hawai‘i and worldwide, the grassroots company has been caring for honeybees in an organic fashion since 2011. While its primary focus is the health and well-being of bees, Wai Meli’s diverse apiary locations allow it to capture several of the island’s one-of-a-kind nectar sources. With immense passion and the combined efforts of family and bees, the Hawai‘i Island brand is pleased to offer its array of small-harvest, local, raw honeys.

This sweet team believes beekeeping is a synthesis of many elements including farming, biology and art. There are many variables involved in nectar selection and foraging availability; location, weather patterns, honeybee health, and hive management all play vital roles in the production of honey. Each harvest is seasonal and determined by the preferences of the honeybees. Wai Meli’s floral honey varieties are unheated to maintain nutritive value and true character. Working with his farm’s bees and receiving such an amazing product, Kawika finds this work to be a true labor of love!

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