PōMahina - Cosmetic Brush Roll

As can be seen, each design is significant to elements, stories of our ancestors (mo’olelo), and significant events which are connected to the Hawaiian Indigenous people. The Kumulipo collection or creation story, begins with the first two era or wa.

Where from darkness, light stirs and forth comes life, in the second era animals and plants of the sea begin to form along with their counterparts on land. As a result, it is a beautiful story of how our people see and respect life and it’s resources. The Ku & Hina collection shares the elemental body forms of our past depicted in duality and balance.

We honor the significant deities of the maoli people of Hawai’i as they were an integral part of life and all that surrounds them. Uniquely understanding the nature of these forms connects us to our environment and our self identity. Another collection is Mea Kanu or native plants that we recognize in our daily outings here in Hawai’i. We honor and value their beauty through art and placement.  This collection is constantly growing and evolving. Consequently, be on the look our for new art pieces through out your PōMahina journey.

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