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"Are we in it? Well, I guess. Punahou, Punahou, Yes, Yes, Yes!"

Send this gift set to a Punahou classmate or purchase it for yourself to be reminded of your Hala Tree roots.

Special Student Entrepreneur Feature: Janelle Ramos '22, creator of Demi Art Hawaii

No Nā Keiki: Looking for a fun and simple way to keep your Punahou memories alive…no matter where you are in the world?

Grab this limited edition, seven-sticker set today and put them on the stuff you use every day—your laptop, books, tablet covers, your computer at work, your car, and even in your room! So you can stay connected to the feelings you felt in one of the most special places in the world…during some of the greatest years of your life!

These free-hand designed, Punahou-themed, memory decals were created by junior Janelle Ramos, and perfectly capture the spirit of the school that means so much to each one of us.

Remember sitting with friends by the lily pond?

Can you hear one of the most popular chapel songs we sang together as kids?

And who isn’t instantly transported back to the excitement and fun of the Carnival, grinding some ono Portuguese Bean Soup with those you love the most?

Perfect for alumni and current students alike, Janelle’s seven-sticker set was hand-crafted specifically for Puns United, and is available for a limited time and only as long as we have the sticker sheets in stock.

So pick up a handful today and share them with old friends…before we run out!

And you’ll feel good knowing your purchase is contributing to the mission of Puns United, as well as helping support underprivileged students in the Philippines who need school supplies this year.

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