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The ultimate snack pouch with all of your favorite Hawai'i goodies! 

Special Student Entrepreneur Feature: Shane Komeiji '24, creator of Nā Hōkū 'Alohi

Drawstring Pouches: These bags are inspired by recognizable characters. These yarn bags are a great way to carry around your everyday items.


Do you struggle trying to find a bag that’s practical…yet totally unique and one-of-a-kind?

Punahou freshman Shane Komeiji hand-crafts each of his bags with vibrant colors, dynamic personalities, and a special charm that makes them stand out in a crowd.

No need to fear that someone else has purchased the very same hand bag you have because Shane makes each of his bags by hand, inspired by a unique character, story, or fun memory that will brighten your day…something truly one-of-a-kind from Hawaii and made with Aloha ;).

Shane launched his small business, Crochet for Kids, when he began collecting discarded plastic bags and weaving them together to create eco-friendly accessories that were practical for young people on-the-go, at school, or just hanging out with friends.

His love for crochet evolved into spunky yarn creations and now his great joy is brightening people’s day with his hand-made bags.

When you purchase a Crochet for Kids’ bag today, you’ll be supporting Puns United and Nā Hōkū ʻAlohi, a project providing underprivileged kids with the tools and items they need for school, home, and life activities. Nā Hōkū ʻAlohi means “the bright stars” because every child has a bright light inside of them…they just need the support and resources to truly shine. 

Purchase your own one-of-a-kind Crochet for Kidsʻ bag today…for you or for someone you love!


Other Local Hawai’i Products featured in this gift set:

  • Big Island Coffee Roasters - Hawaiian Harmony Coffee
  • Big Island Coffee Roasters - Original Espresso Bites Bar
  • Hawaiian Pie Co - Cocomac Cookies
  • Hawaiian Pie Co - Original Chex Mix
  • Kaimana Jerky - Teriyaki Tuna Jerky
  • Mānoa Chocolate - Chocolate Covered Mac Nuts
  • Meli Wraps - 3-pack Beeswax Food Wraps (Shark)

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