PunsUnited - New Spring

All of your spa essentials in this incredible gift set!

Special Student Entrepreneur Feature: Bri-Ela Nakagawa '26, creator of Aloha by Bri-Ela

Punahou Scrunchies: Show your spirit with these hand-sewn scrunchies in limited edition featuring Punahou colors.

“Punahou, Punahou…Yes, Yes…YES!”

What better way to show Buff-n-Blue school spirit on the go than with Punahou Scrunchies?

Time to ditch those rubber bands that get tangled and twisted up in your hair…and grab a few of these hand-made scrunchies!

Hand-sewn by 7th-Grader Bri-Ela Nakagawa, these one-of-a-kind hair scrunchies feature Punahou colors and carnival fabrics, including the 175th anniversary of the school.

They’re the perfect way to make tying up your hair fun and easy (they’re super gentle and smooth on your hair) while keeping warm memories of Punahou alive throughout your day.

Bri-Ela’s scrunchies are great gifts for the kids in your life because they’re easy to use and even work while they take naps or sleep through out the night.

“My grandma taught me to sew when I was younger, and now during the quarantine I’ve gotten back into it,” explains Bri-Ella. “And what I LOVE about PunsUnited is that I get to have fun sewing again, helping students from my school, and donating a large portion of the profits to local organizations like Make-A-Wish Hawaii and Access Surf. My parents have always modeled the meaning of giving back and helping other people in need…and now it’s my turn!”

So snap those old rubber bands and grab a bunch of these hand-made, limited edition Punahou Scrunchies for your family and friends!

Other Local Hawai’i Products featured in this gift set:

  • Hanalei - Pink Lip Treatment
  • Jules & Gem - Travel Candle (Mango Papaya)

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