PunsUnited - Sunday Snacks

Say "Mahalo" to a loved one with the ULTIMATE snack gift set full of local Hawai'i goods!

Special Student Entrepreneur Feature: Taylor Yuen '23, creator of TYH Design

Embroidered Canvas Bags: All natural canvas bags (11” x 13”) with one of a kind hand-embroidered and hand-drawn designs. The perfect reusable tote for shopping, school, or just going out, and it’s environmentally friendly!


Looking for a faithful tote bag for every occasion that perfectly expresses your positive vibe for life?

Punahou Sophomore Taylor Yuen’s hand-embroidered collection of one-of-a-kind all natural canvas tote bags just dropped in the online store!

These hand-drawn, environmentally-conscious bags are perfect for carrying your books for school, your latest purchase at the mall, all your beach accessories for days in the sun...or just for some hang out times with friends and family ;).

Choose from Taylor’s cute, hand-drawn designs that align with the positive message of your life!

And make sure you don’t miss Taylor’s PunsUnited limited edition bag, featuring the life and flow of the Lilypond…celebrating the memories of lunch breaks and after school laughter with some of your greatest friends.

All of Taylor’s durable canvas bags are 11”x13” and hand-crafted with rich colors of cotton.

People are already buzzing about them!

“The hand-stitched embroidery is so beautiful…and the bag is very sturdy and able to hold many items. I loved them!” - Keryn, Honolulu

“What attracted me to these embroidered bags was the comfortable, durable and sustainable fabric with pretty hand-stitched designs. The bags can be worn for almost every occasion…making it practical for me to use every day! Amazing!” - Taylor O., Honolulu

“I love the hand-stitched embroidery because it is so detailed! The design easily catches your eye and the bag itself can be used for any activity.” - 
Kira, Honolulu


Other Local Hawai’i Products featured in this gift set:

  • Ulu Chips - Garlic Sea Salt
  • Meli Wraps - Purple Papaya
  • Hawaiian Pie Co - Korean Chili Chex Mix
  • Kaimana Jerky - Sriracha
  • Mānoa Chocolate - Lilikoi
  • Maui Crisps - Hawaiian Chili 
  • Manele Spice Co. - Everyday Blend

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