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Satisfy your sweet tooth or that of a loved one with this gift set full of local Hawai'i products!

Special Student Entrepreneur Feature: Christa Shibayama '24, creator of Christa Kaye

It’s great so many people want to help out the environment by purchasing reusable bags from the supermarket or somewhere online. But wouldn’t it be great to have a hand-made, long-lasting canvas tote bag you absolutely LOVE and want to use everywhere you go?

Check out Christa Shibayama’s collection of limited edition, hand-embroidered bags featuring native Hawaiian flowers in a unique design, including the hibiscus, birds of paradise, pikake, plumeria, hinahina, and naupaka.

More than a fashionable way for grabbing groceries, Christa’s tote bags are designed for your active lifestyle, perfect for school, fun times at the beach, and going shopping.

Each bag also includes a hidden pocket inside for the important stuff you rummage around for when your bag is full—stuff like your keys, iPhone, AirPods, and wallet. And when you first purchase the bag, that secret pocket has a card inside with a handwritten thank you message from Christa, along with information about the specific flower featured on the tote: the flower’s Hawaiian, scientific, and common names, a brief description and facts, how the plant is used, and some personal thoughts about the flower from Christa herself.

When you purchase a one-of-a-kind, hand-embroidered tote bag, you’re not just supporting PunsUnited, but a portion of the profits will go to a local plant society or wildlife fund here in Hawaii.  

Other Local Hawai’i Products featured in this gift set:

  • Hawaiian Pie Co. - CocoMac Cookies
  • Mānoa Chocolate - Haupia Coconut Bar
  • 'Ulu Chips - Sweet Potato Mix

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