The Flour Sack Tea Towel

During the plantation days flour was purchased in 100 lbs. sacks.  Once the sacks were emptied, washed, and bleached, they had a variety of different uses such as: kitchen towels, cleaning and polishing cloths, diapers, and underclothing.  They were even sewn together to make sheets and pillowcases in homes that could not afford regular bedding.

Since flour sack towels are super soft, completely lint-free, absorb like a paper towel, and dry faster than normal kitchen towels, they add sparkle to dishes, glassware, and windows.  All the nubs, imperfections, and shadings are characteristics of this fine towel.  They are pre-washed, pre-shrunk, and resistant to raveling.  Downtown General Store brand hand-screens flour sack towels with water based ink to retain softness and absorbency.

Flour sack tea towels are the perfect towel for making cleaning up the mess less of a chore. Plus, these towels love to get wet while your dishes get dry.

Our Tea Towels are 100% natural cotton and loved for their high absorption, quick drying time, thin profile, and to boot, these towels tend to become softer with every wash.

A cheerful tea towel is always a brilliant way to liven up your kitchen.  Our world-class tea towels are 28 by 28 inches and are made from 100% cotton, lint-free, and produced in the USA.

Key Features:
• Soft White Color
• 100% Cotton, Pre-Washed, Lint Free
• Made in the USA
• Fabric: Medium Weight
• The illustration is printed in the middle of the towel.
• Each image is screen printed with our fun and unique illustrations.

Please do not bleach.

The durable, high-quality cotton makes the towel less prone to rips and tears.

Our tea towels make great gifts for a hostess, house warming, and birthday parties! Or even better, as your very own treat for yourself gift.

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