Utara Organics - Nourish Serum

Boost your skin’s defenses! Our Hydration Cream infuses skin with potent active botanicals and nourishing organic ingredients that moisturize and protect. Skin looks radient and energized, ready to take on the world – just like you.  50 ml

Key Benefits:  

  • Strengthens skin’s natural protective barrier for more resilient skin

  • Nourishes and hydrates, leaving skin dewy and refreshed

  • Protects skin against environmental aggressors that accelerate aging

  • Absorbs quickly with supple feel

Utara Organics Hydrating Cream is the ultimate multi-purpose moisturizer. The concept behind our formula is simple;OurHydratingCream strengthens and heals the skin’s natural protective barrier, locking in moisture and creating a shield against environmental aggressors like UV rays and air pollution.

So, who can benefit from using this HydratingCream? Well, pretty much anyone! This Mangosteen infused HydratingCream is loaded with skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory antioxidants, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone with sensitive or acne-prone skin. Plus, Organic Carrot Seed Oil and Plant-Based Hyaluronic Acid fill in fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, plumper complexion.

Pure and Potent Essential oils of Lavender, Sandalwood, Neroli, Sweet Orange, Myrrh CO2, Lemon and Dark Patchouli give this cream a goregous scent and boost its anti-aging and skin nourishing properties.

Consider this your one-stop shop for beautiful, glowing skin!

What's in it:

Organic Mangosteen-Infused Kaua’i Spring Water - Hawaiian spring water is rich in minerals and trace elements that rebalance the microbiome of the skin for a healthier skin barrier. Mangosteen acts as a powerful antioxidant, eliminating free radicals on the skin that contribute to aging.

Organic Coconut Oil - Rich in lauric acid, a fatty acid with the impressive ability to fight harmful microorganisms. Coconut oil also keeps skin hydrated to preserve barrier function and maintain overall skin integrity. Plus, its anti-inflammatory properties help heal the skin.

Organic Argan Oil - Rich in essential fatty acids that moisturize and soften the skin. Argan oil is also a potent source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that shields skin against environmental aggressors.

Organic Jojoba Oil - This lightweight oil soothes and enhances skin’s natural restorative properties. Its formulation is similar to skin’s natural oils, which means it’s an excellent moisturizer for parched skin.

Organic Pomegranate Oil - Impressive antioxidant abilities improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while inhibiting damage from environmental stress.

Organic Glycerin - A natural component of healthy skin, glycerin draws moisture from the air into skin to keep it moisturized. This contributes to a supple, youthful look.

Organic Carrot Seed Oil - Thanks to its high vitamin A and vitamin C content, this oil promotes healing and collagen production for younger-looking skin. Carrot seed oil may also provide natural sun protection.

Kauai Beeswax - Wildcrafted beeswax has been used for thousands of years to treat burns and wounds thanks to its natural antibacterial and moisturizing properties.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil - An excellent source of fatty acids that help keep the skin calm and balanced.

Raw Manuka Honey - This honey from New Zealand has antibacterial properties that set it apart from conventional honey, which is why it has traditionally been used to heal wounds.

Organic Tamanu Oil - Contains fatty acids that promote healthy skin cell turnover. Also has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that promote healing.

Plant-Based Hyaluronic Acid - Plumps and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while creating a strong lipid barrier to protect the skin from environmental pollution.

Essential oil Blend - Lavender, Sandalwood, Neroli, Sweet Orange, Myrrh CO2, Lemon and Dark Patchouli combat aging, nourish skin and brighten tone..


  • 50ml Bottle
  • External Use Only


Apply a thin layer over the entire face and neck area. Use after cleansing and applying any mists and serums.


  • Organic mangosteen-infused Kaua’i spring water
  • Organic fractioned coconut oil
  • Organic argan oil
  • Organic jojoba oil
  • Emulsifying wax
  • Organic pomegranate oil
  • Organic glycerin
  • Organic carrot seed oil
  • Stearic Acid
  • Kauai beeswax
  • Organic evening primrose oil
  • Organic Abyssinian oil
  • Raw Manuka honey
  • Vitamin E tocopherols
  • Organic tamanu oil
  • Essential oil blend of French lavender
  • Sandalwood
  • Neroli
  • Myrrh CO2
  • Sweet Orange
  • Lemon and dark patchouli
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Caprylyl glycol
  • Mangosteen extract

About Utara Organics

Amy Arnett-Smith - Utara Organics

Utara Organics was founded by Amy Arnett-Smith on the North Shore of Kaua‘i. Due to a medical condition and skin sensitivity, Amy was in need of natural skincare products. In 2009 she started a line of mangosteen-based organic skincare.

After researching the fruit as a base for her products, Amy learned about its use in Southeast Asia for treating acne, wounds, and other skin conditions. She also found that the properties of mangosteen help to get rid of bacteria and inflammation in the body. Today, Utara Organics crafts all-natural skincare products including creams and serums using mangosteen and other ingredients grown on her farm!

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