Voyaging Foods - Taro Bar Pocket Pack

Snack size gluten-free Oatmeal bars are made for the sports outfitters, airline gluten-free boxes, hotel picnic foods and grab-n-go coffee kiosks.

Glyphosate-free oats combined with Ancestral Taro Powder is a high source of fiber for on-the-go active bodies.


Size: 1.8 oz.

About Voyaging Foods

brynn foster voyaging foodsAfter years of research studies and historical reports on kalo (taro), Voyaging Foods founder, Brynn Foster unearthed the history of kalo flour and found that Hawai‘i’s agricultural history included a number of companies that were involved in its production. Kalo is still a culturally treasured food with significant health benefits, yet Hawaii continues to import over 80% of its food. 

Through Voyaging Foods, Brynn hopes to see the islands become more self-sufficient by doubling the amount of canoe-plant growing lands in the state. The O‘ahu-based brand develops gluten-free baked goods and dry mixes from Hawaiian heritage canoe plants such as kalo,‘uala (sweet potato) and ‘ulu (breadfruit). These canoe plants promote a holistic view of health, parallel to the importance of healthy land. With this belief in mind, everything Voyaging Foods does is influenced by three pillars: mindful cooking, maintaining healthy lifestyles and sustaining local communities.

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