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Wai Meli - Local Raw Honey 16 oz

Christmas Berry Blossom Honey

Also known as Brazilian pepper, or wililaiki in Hawaiian, this non-native tree blossoms each year at time when few other trees are flowering, making it an important crop for the farm's honeybees. It provides a food source for the bees during this dearth period, while also making for a delightful honey! The bright notes and well-balanced flavors in this harvest contain a hint of spiciness. This honey also has a subtle green hue in its meniscus, a reminder of the intense floral source from which it originates. 

Lehua Blossom Honey

Foraged from vibrant blossoms of the ohiʻa, a very special tree endemic to Hawaiʻi, Big Island Moonbow Farms' bees gather this unique honey in spring and summer from the forests surrounding our farm in Paʻauilo Mauka. This light honey is elegant and sweet with delicate floral notes and occasional hints of buttered popcorn. The Lehua Blossom Honey is lightly crystallized and maintains a delightfully spreadable texture.

Lehua Blossom Blend Honey

The Lehua Blossom Blend is a multi-floral honey, meaning the bees foraged predominantly from the lehua blossom of the ohiʻa tree, but also from a bouquet of other wildflowers blooming on the Big Island in early June when this honey is harvested. This contributes sweet layers of floral notes to the taste profile. It also creates a lovely coarse texture from its crystallization. This honey has a little more body than the single-varietal Lehua Blossom, but has many of the same delicate flavors–try them side by side!

Macadamia Blossom Blend Honey

This Macadamia Blossom Blend Honey is from Big Island Moonbow Farms' Paʻauilo bee yard. It is a one-off blend that offers rich, dark and well-rounded flavors. This varietal is the darkest honey it harvests all year and came during the winter months. As the temperatures drop to 60 degrees F in the macadamia orchard, the trees push out their flower tassels and attract its honey bees to their elegant sprays. This honey offers rich flavors of molasses and a smooth palate that carries hints of the previous trees that were in bloom, the eucalyptus robusta. This combination is extremely unique and makes a delightful addition to brines, marinades, or simply drizzled atop vanilla ice cream. You can even enjoy this honey by the spoonful!

Java Plum Blossom Honey

This honey is another varietal unique to the Big Island. Harvested in spring from Big Island Moonbow Farms' North Kohala bee yards; this honey has the tendency to stay in its liquid form longer than any other honey its hives produce. The Java Plum Blossom honey has a powerful taste profile of ripe tropical fruits such as guava and mango. Its extremely sweet flavor carries the bold and pungent body of exotic honey from the Hawaiian Islands.

Kiawe Blossom Honey

Widely prized across the island and beyond, pure Kiawe Blossom honey is a pure crystalline white honey. It is made from the nectar of the mesquite trees that have naturalized on the beaches of the Kona Coast. Evenly sweet with hints of powdered sugar and fine delicate crystals, it’s a perfect match for toast, strawberries and cream, or as we often say–right by the spoonful.

Kiawe Coconut Blossom Honey

Harvested in the late spring and early summer months on the Big Island of Hawai‘i, Kiawe Coconut Blossom honey is a rare and select favorite. Before the kiawe bloom is in full swing, honeybees supplement their diet with nectar from the coconut palm. This varietal carries the aroma of honeysuckle and offers a light dewiness on the tongue. It's team favorite for its unique taste and texture.

Net Weight: 16 oz


  • Ingredient: Raw Honey.

About Wai Meli

david kawika sebag wai meli

Founded by Kawika Sebag, Wai Meli harvests Hawaiʻi-grown honey in an effort to promote sustainability in agriculture and facilitate the plight of the honeybee. Wai Meli is produced by Big Island Moonbow Farms, a small-scale beekeeping venture located on Hawai’i Island. The unique flowers and nectar our islands have to offer help to create its special and delicious honey–from the Lehua Blossom Honey to its Eucalyptus Blossom Honey. 

Inspired by the plight of the honeybee in Hawai‘i and worldwide, the grassroots company has been caring for honeybees in an organic fashion since 2011. While its primary focus is the health and well-being of bees, Wai Meli’s diverse apiary locations allow it to capture several of the island’s one-of-a-kind nectar sources. With immense passion and the combined efforts of family and bees, the Hawai‘i Island brand is pleased to offer its array of small-harvest, local, raw honeys.

This sweet team believes beekeeping is a synthesis of many elements including farming, biology and art. There are many variables involved in nectar selection and foraging availability; location, weather patterns, honeybee health, and hive management all play vital roles in the production of honey. Each harvest is seasonal and determined by the preferences of the honeybees. Wai Meli’s floral honey varieties are unheated to maintain nutritive value and true character. Working with his farm’s bees and receiving such an amazing product, Kawika finds this work to be a true labor of love!

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