Western Aloha - Women's Wave Popover

A print with vintage style and a fun colorway, Wave tells a story of a carefree life of work and play along the shores of Hawaii, with a crowd of surfers jockeying for waves while trying to avoid the throw nets and spear fishermen.


Western Aloha celebrates the Aloha Lifestyle. Its home is the Big Island of Hawaii and its shirts combine the performance of western shirts with the Aloha spirit.


  • Materials: 
    • Real coconut buttons.
  • Features: 
    • Cut and sewn in El Paso, Texas.
    • Half-placket used traditionally for many Palaka and Aloha shirts.  Shoulder yokes and one front pocket.
    • Fit skims the body for an easy, flattering silhouette. Subtle tailoring ensures a fit that is feminine and stylish on all shapes.

About Western Aloha

paul sullivan western aloha

Inspired by Hawai‘i Island–home to a true American original, thepaniolo or Hawaiian cowboy–Western Aloha embodies the island’s authentic mix of outdoor, western and Hawaiian cultures. Founded by owner Paul Sullivan, Western Aloha celebrates the Hawai‘i lifestyle, combining the performance of western shirts with the spirit of aloha. The brand designs “everywhere-able” clothing and gear inspired by and made on the Orchid Isle.  

From beach to bar, sea to snow, and Waimea to Waikīkī, you can happily wear Western Aloha with its relaxed look that pushes the edge. The company’s story is about connecting one of the most culturally and geographically diverse regions on earth to anyone who enjoys living or desires to embody the aloha lifestyle. Succeeding with style and grace, this unique brand helps you stay true to the aloha spirit while living your dreams. No matter where you reside, bring the Big Island home with #WesternAloha.

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