HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Wrappily Feliz Flamingo With Candy Canes Wrapping Paper Set

Tis' the season to think pink. Lots of pink. These jaunty birds and jungle foliage make any tropical holiday scene complete. Paired with this maximalist's candy cane dream, we think you'll have the whole 'merry and bright' thing on lock. Feliz Flamingos/Candy Canes is a new Wrappily exclusive by surface pattern designer Nadia Hassan.

Package includes three double-sided wrapping paper sheets + adhesive gift tags
• Sheet size 21.5" x 34"
• Premium newsprint + soy-based inks = eco-friendly wrapping paper
• Plastic-free PLA packaging
• Flat, folded sheet for easy storage
• No unnecessary cardboard tube
• 100% recyclable and compostable
• Milled, printed and packaged in Washington State


Did you know that traditional wrapping paper is not recyclable, due to the toxic dyes? And newspaper can actually be recycled up to 7 times?

Wrappily prints on local newspaper presses and collaborates with creative artists locally + around the world to give you a beautiful wrapping paper alternative.

Wrappily's paper may be recycled, but their patterns are always fresh! Your gifts will look great, and NOT at the expense of the environment.

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