We’re thrilled to announce that award-winning musician Josh Tatofi will be headlining our World Stage for Hawai‘i Broadcast Showcase on November 20! Josh, who was born and raised in Honolulu, was born into the music industry (his father was in the popular reggae band Kapena!). Josh began performing reggae-inspired sounds across the islands as an early teen, and in 2014, made the switch to traditional Hawaiian music. Two years later, he released a full-length Hawaiian album titled Pua Kiele, thereby making his mark as the “Luther Vandross of Hawai‘i.” Today he is a Nā Hōkū Hanohano award-winning artist on Haku Collective’s impressive roster of talent. 

Josh is performing as part of our collaboration with Haku Collective (Mana Up, Cohort Five), who plays a 360-degree role of a recording studio, indie label, booking agent, publishing and management providing different opportunities to artists in order to help build local musicians’ following and repertoire. Haku Collective weaves various components into its company from song albums to a line of products and even a youth program. 

We had a chance to talk story with Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, producer and founder/president of Haku Collective, Kimié Miner to learn more about a four-year-old mentorship program she started to give a voice to Hawai‘i’s rising stars.

“We’re proud to announce that one of our insanely gifted artists Josh Tatofi will be the headlining performer at this year’s Showcase! We couldn’t be more excited that from Maui to Japan, people across the globe will have the rare opportunity to see and hear his amazing musical talents,” Kimié says ecstatically of her friend and local star.

The circumstances brought on by COVID-19 has taught all industries including music–to pivot. That’s where Haku Collective’s Mele in Hawai’i comes in. It’s a livestream entertainment series featuring fun jam sessions plus a “talk story” with local artists that serves to support over 40 artists around the world and connect with a global audience through the aloha spirit. The episodes also highlight a MeleCraft mentee in their “Artists to Watch” segment. One of the artists previously on the series’ lineup is Josh Tatofi, who is set to debut his holiday album later this month titled “A Jream Christmas.”


Haku Collective has a roster of programs that help to foster youth in the creative arts and specifically music. The MeleCraft Mentorship Program is a free one-day fully immersive workshop where children and young adults ages 13 through 25, train with the islands’ top recording artists including the likes of Kimié Miner, Henry Kapono, Imua Garza and Paula Fuga just to name a few. During the annual workshop, mentees learn the art of songwriting and recording, and even practice interviewing with the media!

MeleCraft mentees recently teamed up with Nā Kama Kai’s Alaka‘i Mentorship Program, debuting its first album “Children of the Sea (Nā Kama Kai).” This collaboration gave birth to Haku Keiki, a new group under Haku Collective’s label dedicated to showcasing our islands’ young, up-and-coming talent. Keiki cohorts are nearly 75% Native Hawaiian youth, which is why Kimié is committed to fostering cultural immersion experiences during the program. All albums are recorded in both English and Hawaiian, a platform for singers to pay homage to their heritage and culture.

We love and appreciate that Haku Collective is doing so much to fuel the creative industry in Hawai‘i and look forward to having Josh at our showcase to share his incredible talent with the world.

Be sure to catch Josh Tatofi and other esteemed local talent from Haku Collective during our Showcase on November 20 starting at 2:30 p.m. HST. Click HERE to register now, and see Haku Collective among other rising local entrepreneurs during Hawai‘i’s ultimate lifestyle event of the year!



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