Have a Hawai‘i lover in your life? Someone who has visited the Islands and yearns to go back? Or maybe someone who has always wanted to go but hasn’t been able to make the trip yet?

You can bring Hawai’i to them, with monthly deliveries of these fabulous beach subscription boxes! With each subscription box, gifts of Hawaiian products will be delivered to their door every single month These boxes are filled with the newest products, exclusive picks, and limited-edition items made by Hawai‘i’s makers and artisans.

Imagine monthly curated boxes from the Hawaiian Islands, with foods of Hawai‘i likemacadamia nuts, Kona coffee, spices, and locally sourced chocolate or even health & wellness items like tanning oil, face cleanser, shampoo and masks. You’ll even be surprised to find beach items like towels, totes, pouches and sunscreen.

These monthly subscription boxes are high quality boxes that will bring the joy of Aloha to you or your loved one all year long.

So when you’re sending a gift this year, don’t send just a one-time gift or product, share years worth of Hawaiian treasures, something that will bring a smile to their face month after month and gift them with Hawai‘i subscription boxes.

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