House of Mana Up - About Us

House of Mana Up is a retail experience that shines the spotlight on the unique stories of Hawai‘i’s rising entrepreneurs and the premium brands they've built. We feature products from our local makers and artisans that represent their individual narratives. Many of the entrepreneurs featured at House of Mana Up have been recognized internationally for their products' high quality or innovation.

At both our online store and our location at Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki, you'll find food, fashion, home, beauty and artproducts here that highlight the incredible homegrown ingredients, thriving cultures, and woven textiles here in the Hawaiian Islands.

As our ‘ohana (family) of companies expands, so does Hawai‘i’s growing economy as all of these entrepreneurs have participated in the Mana Up accelerator program that helps to grow their Hawaiʻi-based businesses. These entrepreneurs foster high-quality jobs, agricultural sustainability, and a regenerative culture of entrepreneurship in our local community. Come explore and discover all that our islands have to offer!


Mana Up is a Hawaiʻi economic development initiative to expand opportunity, entrepreneurship and jobs, designed for local consumer brands.We help Hawaiʻi companies expand within Hawaiʻi and globally through a six-month accelerator and alumni program that curates workshops, executive mentorship, resources, sales opportunities, and a strong community of collaboration. 

Why do we do this? A strong, local product economy provides a strong fabric to our community and can champion:

  • Meaningful job opportunities for our next generation 
  • Diversification of the economy through exports based on ingredients and values that make our community unique 
  • Regenerative use of thousands of acres of open agricultural land in Hawai‘i in our post-plantation era
  • Sharing of Hawaii through the people who live here and have lived here for generations 
  • Sustainable tourism by integrating visitors into the local market, linking them with our residents and companies.
  • Community giveback and engagement from locally based businesses who know what our community need most. 

Our goal is to create Hawai‘i’s next 100 product companies earning over $10 million in annual revenue and based here in Hawaiʻi.

Mana Up nurtures a small business ecosystem by:

1. Helping local businesses grow and thrive. We provide:

  • Expertise in key functional areas
  • Leadership training
  • Mentors
  • Sales channels
  • Access to exclusive resources
  • Information sharing on resources such as manufacturing grant opportunities

2. Avoiding unnecessary mistakes and costs through: 

  • Vetted resources
  • Power of peer experience

3. Providing new opportunities and sales channels for businesses.

4. Identifying challenges and gaps in the ecosystem to improve the overall business environment then implement solutions.

5. Investing time to solve collective problems that may be too expensive or time consuming for individual companies to solve on their own.


Our long-term goal is to build a brighter future for our state. We break down the economic impact of the entrepreneurs in our portfolio and why this industry is so important to our local economy, and how with additional attention and resources, it can be an even more significant part of a diversified economy

Read more about our 2021 Economic Impact


With everything we do at House of Mana Up and our broader efforts with Mana Up, we hope to create a culture of regenerative entrepreneurship, where we are investing the benefits of what we created back into our community looking at not only this generation, but also generations to come. Where we are investing in the future, not extracting from it. How is what we are doing now contributing to sustainability from an economic, environmental, agricultural, and cultural standpoint? How do we create a community of more entrepreneurship, investing our experience and knowledge back into the people to come after us? We care about these issues and we hope that by supporting entrepreneurs who care about these values as well, we will all contribute to a better future.

House of Mana Up is owned by Mana Up Labs, LLC, an economic development initiative based in Hawaii to grow local products internationally.

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