We make it easy for you to send one or even 100 gifts that are thoughtful, yet practical!  Show your aloha to clients, partners, prospects, or team members, and get started on your corporate gifting by browsing our ready-to-go sets that are sure to impress. 

Looking to personalize your corporate gifting?  Explore our custom features:

  • Work with our gifting experts who help curate the perfect gift and beautifully package them in our exclusive gift boxes with all the bells and whistles. 
  • Add on a unique experience for your recipients to engage in a personally guided, digital journey–whether it's a Way Meli honey tasting with owner Kawika or an interactive virtual tour of the Hawaiian Vanilla Company Farm with Reddekopp ʻohana.  This is a special opportunity for your clients to meet the makers and artisans behind the products!
  • Include a more personal touch with your own branded company swag in your gift sets. 

If you're interested in connecting with our team to take your corporate gifts to the next level, email gifts@manauphawaii.com

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