Why Sustainability Matters for the Hawaiian Islands

The practice to “mālama the ‘āina” (take care of the land) has always been at the forefront of people living in the Hawaiian Islands.Many Mana Up companies are rooted in practices of sustainability in Hawaii from creating reef-safe sunscreen products to crafting plastic-free food wraps. See how our local entrepreneurs are striving to create greener and more eco-friendly solutions for every day. If you’re looking for sustainable gifts for yourself, friends or family, be sure to check out our roundup of products from these Earth-conscious makers. Check out our featured Hawai‘i makers who answer the question: “why does sustainability matter for the Hawaiian Islands,” and offer solutions through their innovative products.

1. Wrappily - Wrapping Paper Set - Pineapple Splash/Micro Palm 

Contrary to traditional gift wrap that can’t be recycled, Wrappily’s vibrant wrapping paper adorned in unique tropical-inspired prints can be! Their wrapping paper like the Pineapple Splash/Micro Palm is created with newsprint, and features designs from a variety of talented local artists. Whatever gift you’re giving, you can feel good knowing it is wrapped in a product from a company with asustainable Hawaii initiative!

2. Ao Organics Hawai'i - 'Alaea Detoxifying Clay Mask with Applicator Brush 

Founder and formulator, Chelsa, was determined to make her own 100% organic and safe sunscreen for her whole ‘ohana (family). For her collection of products, she uses eco-friendly packaging to addresssustainability issues in Hawaii,andsources ingredients from local farmers.Ao Organics recognizes the importance of using clean ingredients for healthy and happy skin!

3. Wai Meli - Honey Trip Sampler 

Wai Meli founder, Kawika Sebag, harvests Hawaii-grown honey in an effort to promotesustainability in Hawaiiand facilitate the plight of honeybees. This plight iswhy sustainability matters for the Hawaiian Islands–without bees, we wouldn’t have honey or the produce that grows with their help! Wai Meli’s Honey Trio Sampler includes seasonal raw honeys including Christmas Berry Blossom Honey, Eucalyptus Blossom Honey, and Lehua Christmas Berry among others. Indulge in the sweetness of this locally-sourced and all-natural honey! 

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4. Ua Body - 8 oz Lotion Kukui 

Ua body is committed to the Earth and offers products formulated for sensitive skin. Their 8 oz Kukui Lotion provides intense moisturization, and is a natural treatment for rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema–it also helps with anti-aging! And, to help achieveHawaii sustainability goals, the Big Island company also donates 1.5% of each sale to the Hawaiian Conservation Alliance whose mission is to conserve and restore the biodiversity of the Hawaiian Islands. 


5. Kaimana Jerky - Original Ahi Tuna Jerky 

Here’s a sustainable and healthier alternative to beef jerky... ahi tuna jerky! Kaimana Jerky’s Original Ahi Tuna Jerky is hickory smoked with a blend of ingredients to give you that extra kick of flavor! It’s all natural, uses no preservatives and no MSG, so you can feel your best while fueling up on 23 grams of protein! The company also prides itself on working closely with the Hawaii Seafood Council to ensure that its supply of fish meets industry standards and is another example ofwhy sustainability matters for the Hawaiian Islands.

6. Pawniolo Pets - Beef Organ Furry Kake 

Pawniolo Pets exudes mālama ‘āina (to care for the earth) with their zero-waste mindset and whole animal butchery practices that set them apart from other pet food companies.  Their Beef Organ Furry Kake is a play-on word of the Japanese seaweed food seasoning, furikake, that acts exactly like that! Simply sprinkle the Furry Kake on your pet’s food that your dog is sure to enjoy!

Furry Kake Organ – Pawniolo Pets

7. Meli Wraps - Variety Pack - Shells   

Tackling the single-use plastic sustainability issues in Hawaii, Meli Wraps responded with their  Planet-Friendly Reusable Beeswax Wraps! Made with certified organic cotton, Hawaiian beeswax, tree resin, and plant oil, they can be used for everything you used to wrap with plastic. Meli Wraps is a greener alternative that is reusable with a simple wash with soap and water! 

8. Kākou Collective - Anuenue Washi Tape Set 

Kākou Collective is intentional with the native plants she features found in Hawai’i like kupukupu and naupaka on their Anuenue Washi Tape Set. Washi is a sustainable alternative to other tapes made with plastic film or fiber. Instead, washi is made of an environmental white paper using fibers from the inner bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub, or the paper mulberry bush. 

9. Maui Nui Venison - All Natural Venison Combo Pack 

Ever wonderedwhy sustainability matters for the Hawaiian Islands? Well, Maui Nui Venison helped control the invasive Axis deer on Maui to ethically manage the ecology of Maui’s wildlife. They provide all-natural venison sticks and venison bars made from USDA wild-harvested meats from the Valley Isle. You need to try the taste of sustainable success!

Small Venison Snacks Combo Pack – Maui Nui Venison



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