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Best Hawaiian Gifts for Birthday

Your loved one’s special day is coming up and you’re in need of a unique and thoughtful gift…well we have you covered! House of Mana Up has everything you need to secure the best Hawaiian gifts for birthdays from foodies to beauty gurus, keiki (kids) to friends, and everyone in between. Be sure to check out our ultimate Hawaii birthday gift guide. Shop our collection of Hawaiian birthday gifts!

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Emerging Talent in Hawaii: Check Out These Local Artists!

Our islands are brimming with emerging talent in Hawai’i from singer-songwriters to illustrators. Through Mana Up, we’re able to work with some of Hawai‘i’s newest up-and-coming artists, and it’s exciting to see as they grow, our local community of creatives grows. Shop these products designed by our islands’ emerging local Hawaiian artists as they help celebrate Hawai‘i’s culture, beauty, and people through their works. Check out our featured Hawaiian entrepreneurs!

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Reasons to Get Hawaiian Gift Baskets for Clients

If you want to express your appreciation to your clients or want to curate personalized gift sets for a company event, our Gift Baskets are the perfect way to offer a totally customized experience for them to enjoy! Pick from ten different Mana Up Gift Baskets that range from locally-sourced food products to all-natural pampering product packs. There are a variety of combinations you can choose from that will show the thoughtfulness you put into it. 

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10 Hawaiian Cooking Products You Need for Your Kitchen

We’ve rounded up our top Hawaiian cooking products you need to turn the kitchen into your new favorite room in your hale (home). Discover a variety of local products that will introduce you to the island flavors and will become pantry essentials you’ll need to be the ultimate home cook. 
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How to Find Locally Sourced Hawaiian Products: A Guide

These natural resources are what make locally sourced gifts from Hawai’i so special and meaningful. These locally sourced gift ideas are things that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Our Hawai’i local products include everything from Big Island macadamia nuts to Maui Gold pineapple to coffee to chocolate from the North Shore, and the locally sourced products of Hawaii are unmatched in flavor and quality. Check out our featuredNative Hawaiian products!

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Best Hawaii Gifts for Men - For Any Occasion!

We know that it’s not always easy to shop for gift ideas for him.Whatever the occasion—anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, or just because—we’ve got you covered with the most awesome, the most exciting, and the tastiest Hawai’i gifts for him that the islands have to offer.

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Taste of Hawaii: Must Have Snacks

Across the Hawaiian Islands, we’re known for unique ingredients and world-class foods that you can’t find anywhere else in the world! From locally grown cacao to endemic plants like mamaki, our Hawai‘i makers are able to craft high quality products using these ingredients that showcase what really make our islands special. Shop our collection of Hawaiian food products to get a taste of Hawai’i!

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Gifts From Hawaii Your Kids Are Sure to Love

Bring the spirit of aloha home to you with ourHawaiian gifts for kids, Hawaiian keiki clothing,Hawaiian kids books, and other fun toys and presents for your Hawaii-loving tot! Check out our collection ofgifts from Hawai’i your kids are sure to love! 

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