zak noyle hayn

HAYN, founded by professional surf and wave photographer Zak Noyle, is an environmentally conscious footwear brand owned and operated out of Honolulu, Hawai‘i. HAYN’s slippers are made from natural 5L rubber, feature dual density, and are shaped and finished by hand creating high quality, comfort, style and function. 

Its team extracts natural rubber latex from Thailand’s abundant rubber trees using the “tapping” method for a minimal environmental impact. The slippers are composed of two different densities: a soft top sole for comfort and firmer outsole for durability. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, HAYN slippers are shaped and finished by hand. The company believes in sustainable practices because the footprint we leave behind is equally as important as the one we put forward. #WalkLightly

How they give back: 

HAYN utilizes natural rubber for slippers, in which the rubber is extracted with minimal environmental impact. The local brand also partners with businesses and programs to donate products for local events and participants.

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