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Keiki Kaukau - Dim Sum Chunky Puzzle

Lucky we live Hawai’i...where the yummiest cuisines from across the Pacific Rim come to mix and mingle! The Local Favorites wooden puzzle collection pays tribute to ethnic cuisines that have become beloved fixtures here in the islands. 

Dim sum is a Cantonese meal composed of many little steamed and fried dishes, sometimes served from rolling carts, and usually accompanied by tea. The dishes represented in our Tiny Treasures Dim Sum puzzle are: 

Har gau (shrimp dumpling)

Siu mai (shrimp and pork dumplings)

Char siu bao (steamed buns stuffed with barbecue pork)

Dan tat (egg tarts)

Loh mai gai (sticky rice with meat and mushrooms, steamed in lotus leaves)

Lo bak gou (fried turnip cake with bits of sausage)

Gai lan (Chinese broccoli served with oyster sauce)

Yum cha (tea - usually jasmine or oolong)

Shoyu (soy sauce), spicy mustard, and hot sauce, of course!


  • Puzzle measures about 11.5 x 8.5 inches with .5 inch thickness
  • Made in China with wood from responsibly managed forests
  • All Keiki Kaukau toys are third-party tested and meet or exceed safety requirements

About Keiki Kaukau

April Hail - Keiki KaukauCreated by Hawai‘i mom and former school teacher April Hail, Keiki Kaukau, “kid food” in local lingo, is a line of quality children’s products that reflect the unique mixed-plate culture of the islands. Their popular wooden play food sets showcase ‘ono favorites from laulau to shave ice, bringing a taste of aloha to keiki everywhere.

Keiki Kaukau offers beautifully designed toys, books, and games that serve as language learning tools and gateways to cultural discovery. The company also donates five meals to Hawai‘i Foodbank for every play food set sold. 

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