Vitalitea Hawaii began its growth on Maui after a group of brewers with a background in craft beer embarked on a search for balance. The duo of health-conscious founders including William and Valorie Davis is now on a mission to craft the highest quality, delicious kombucha and nitro cold brew coffee using fresh cold-pressed local organic fruits, roots, plus herbs.

More recently, many have caught on to the benefits of kombucha, an ancient fermented tea beverage, for its claims like increasing energy and aiding in digestion. With new brands constantly emerging, Vitalitea Hawaii–the only Hawaiʻi member of trade association, Kombucha Brewers International–stands apart with its commitment to quality and use of fresh ingredients.

In addition to its line of kombucha products, which features the popular Restore—a refreshing combination of Maui Gold pineapple, Kauaʻi-grown ginger and ōlena (turmeric)–Vitalitea Hawaii offers its Hapa blend nitro cold brew coffee. The Maui and Colombian blend provides natural caffeine, a velvety mouthfeel, plus easy drinkability without added creamer or sugar.

How they give back:

Vitalitea Hawaii creates its products at its solar-powered brewery and packages them in infinitely recyclable cans made in Hawaiʻi. The brand aims to leave a positive impact on keiki and future generations.

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