sara smith wrappily

Wrappily produces Hawaiʻi-inspired recycled gift wrapping materials that address the global need for smarter, more sustainable gift wrap. Did you know that wrapping paper and shopping bags alone account for about 4 million tons of trash annually in the U.S. alone? Over the holidays, nearly 227,000 miles worth of wrapping paper get thrown away–enough to circle the world nine times! Founder Sara Smith was burdened with guilt and belief that a better solution existed, so she founded Wrappily in 2013 to answer this call to action. Not to mention, her house was being overrun with gently used paper, ribbons and gift bags just waiting for their moment to shine (again). 

Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled because it's dyed, laminated or contains non-paper additives. However, a piece of newsprint can be recycled up to seven times! Its printing requires less energy and uses gentler, soy-based inks. Thus, Wrappily’s gift wrap is printed on local newspaper presses. Its team gets a kick out of finding a new purpose for these old presses. The brand’s wrapping paper may be recycled, but its patterns are playful and always fresh! Your gifts will look great, and not at the expense of the environment. 

Wrappily is an example of what happens when you start to connect the dots in life. Sarah grew up in the printing industry (thanks to her dad!) and her affinity for old fashion printing presses continued to grow during a decade spent working in the publishing industry. The eco-conscious company is headquartered on Sarah’s home island of Maui–a patch of paradise teeming with talented and generously supportive people willing to help make an idea a reality.

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