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ʻUlu Mana - Ulu Chips - Garlic & Sea Salt - 3.5 oz.

For the purist looking for all the flavor with less salt, the purple Hawaiian sweet potato chips add a little bit of sweetness and is a great match for ulu. 

Our Hawaiian breadfruit chips are a unique and delicious snack made from thinly sliced breadfruit that is crisped to perfection in organic coconut oil.

Hawaii's favorite breadfruit chips! A vegan, paleo, and gluten free snack!

ʻUlu chips are created in Honolulu with locally grown ʻulu (breadfruit). This starchy fruit was brought here by the Polynesians hundreds of years ago and has been a staple in the Hawaiian diet ever since. ʻUlu Mana takes this delicious fruit that is high in vitamins and fiber, slices it thin, and cooks it in healthy coconut oil.



  • Breadfruit (‘Ulu), Okinawa Sweet potato, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt.

Net Weight:

  • 3.5 oz.

About ʻUlu Mana

loren shoop 'ulu mana inc

‘Ulu Mana founder Loren Shoop sees the great potential of the ‘ulu (breadfruit) tree and the fruit it produces. His mission is to bring this protein-rich superfruit into the spotlight as a widely recognized food source. Understanding the value and health benefits of Hawaiʻi’s native plant, ‘ulu, Loren’s company is dedicated to creating tasty ‘ulu-based food products–all while promoting sustainability, economic growth and a healthy lifestyle in Hawaiʻi. Today, he and his team strive to offer unique, high quality, simple and delicious products made from this canoe plant.

The Honolulu brand’s products are minimally processed and its ingredients are responsibly sourced.  By utilizing this sustainable crop, it is able to contribute to the livelihood of Hawai‘i farmers, the community and our economy. Plus, by sourcing all of its fruit from small local farms, ‘Ulu Mana eliminates the need for a middle man. The farmers bring their crops directly to ‘Ulu Mana’s facility where its team processes everything in-house, meaning the money gets funneled directly to the farmers.

Loren and his team have over 20 years of culinary and food safety experience and they always strive to maintain the highest food safety standards with their line of various ‘ulu treats. They are also constantly on the hunt for new ways to be eco-friendly and of course, aim to introduce ‘ulu to the world, ensuring that it tastes good!

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