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Kaimana Jerky - Tuna Jerky Sampler 5 pack

Can't decide which Kaimana Jerky Flavor to pick? Why not try all five top selling favorites? Kaimana Jerky is made with wild-caught premium grade ahi tuna off the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. Its jerky provides 23g of protein per bag to satisfy your hunger–quiet those stomach rumblings and keep fully focused.

Stay prepared for on-the-go snacking, and keep a bag in your car, backpack or your kids' lunch box. Always be prepared and don't let hunger get the best of you. It's also a great pre- or post-workout snack–fuel your muscles with a healthy alternative to beef jerky.

Sampler 5 Pack includes:


    This set of Kaimana Jerky includes the following flavors:

    Lemon Salt: Lemon Salt Ahi Tuna jerky is marinated, slowly dried, hand cut and seasoned with a zesty blend of lemon, pepper and garlic. Kaimana Jerky uses premium-grade tuna, preservative-free soy sauce and a blend of all natural spices.

    Teriyaki: Marinated in Kaimana Jerky's homemade teriyaki sauce, slow-dried and hand-cut for easy snacking. All-natural, no preservatives and no MSG. 

    Sriracha: The rooster and tuna meet to make a seriously spicy jerky. This is the only tuna jerky officially sanctioned by Huy Fong Foods, creators of the original Sriracha Hot Sauce (aka Rooster Sauce). Full of flavor, packed with protein, high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and seasoned with America's #1 Sriracha hot sauce! 

    Honey Glazed: Kaimana Jerky is first marinated in an Asian-style blend of all-natural ingredients. It is then slow-dried to perfection and hand-cut for easy snacking. Finally the jerky is glazed with amber honey. Think moist, juicy jerky! 

    Original: Hickory smoke is used to add a kick of flavor. This jerky is marinated in a special blend of ingredients, slow-dried and hand-cut for bite-size snacking.

    Peppered: Sweet and spicy-style, Kaimana Jerky's Peppered Ahi Tuna Jerky is marinated in its homemade sauce, slowly dried and seasoned with a mild blend of ground pepper. It is made from premium-grade, wild-caught tuna and seasoned with all-natural ingredients. Not too spicy, but just right!

About Kaimana Jerky

Owner Sheldon Cho founded Kaimana Jerky out of a love for the ocean and creating unique products through local resources. The people of Hawai‘i have sustained their families and respected the Pacific Ocean's powerful life force for centuries. Though delicious and high-quality protein snacks, Kaimana Jerky fuels people's minds and bodies as well. In the Hawaiian language, kaimana translates to “the power of the sea.” Today, the brand based on the Orchid Isle embraces the ancient art of drying fish to give its jerky a great taste for the modern lifestyle. 

The Hawai‘i Island company offers its Tuna Jerky in a variety of flavors, delicately preparing, drying (to perfection!) and seasoning its products with all-natural ingredients. Its jerky is made with quality ingredients and never contains MSG, nitrates or preservatives that don’t naturally occur. It also uses a preservative-freeshoyu (soy sauce) made in the USA.

All of Kaimana Jerky’s products are made in Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i, just a few miles from amazing fishing grounds. The company respects our islands’ natural resourcesits team members surf, paddle, fish, hunt, farm and live sustainably! They have been making fish jerky for over 25 years and are proud to provide something delicious to the local community with roots in the ancient Hawaiian tradition of preserving fish. You can find Kaimana Jerky at most local grocery store chains including KTA, Foodland and Costco.

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