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Laha'ole - Pīkake Bamboo Charcuterie Boards

Eco friendly Bamboo cutting board with Laha'ole's signature Pīkake design. Great for party platters, instagramming your charcuterie endeavors, and hosting your guests. Beautifully carved with intricate Laha'ole's signature Pīkake design will enhance your spread. Let this be a platter to centerpiece your family dinners, and let your cooking shine.

Make a beautiful spread with all the meats and cheeses. Up the game and add some Hawaiian Vanilla Co. - Vanilla Mango Chutney to the party. Perfect compliment to all the salty goodness and will freshen your palate so you can go back for round 3 or 4.


Available in three sizes.

**wood is a natural resource and wood colors may vary.

About Laha'ole

tanya uyehara laha‘ole

Laha'ole means rare, choice, unique. Born and raised on the island of Oʻahu, Native Hawaiian owner and designer Tanya Uyehara has always enjoyed creating. Born into a family of craftsmen and women, musicians, hula dancers and artists, she has always been surrounded by natural beauty and the arts. 

Established in 2013, Laha'ole Designs began while Tanya was on maternity leave with her fourth child. With a desire to craft Christmas gifts for her nieces, she took a class at a local jewelry store to learn how to solder metal. From there, she experimented with wire wrapping and manipulating metals to shape the designs she dreamt up.

Realizing there are many talented jewelry makers and designers, she wanted to fashion beautiful pieces that were also unique and meaningful, while sharing her Hawaiian culture. It was then that Tanya began designing with heart, dedicating her creations to the people she loves and things she treasures in Hawai‘i. Her jewelry brings light to native Hawaiian flowers, shares generational stories and highlights an appreciation and awareness of Hawai‘i’s beauty.

Laha‘ole Designs’ pieces are made to share a story that brings them to life, and connects you to them.

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