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Locally Sourced Food Set

House of Mana Up has created this wonderful Gift Set. Building on what it means to bloom where you are planted, this set features locally sourced products that shine the spotlight on our islands' latest up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Let's continue to help our local agriculture bloom!  

  • Wai Meli - Christmas Berry Blossom Honey 5 oz
  • Manoa Chocolate - Lilikoi Chocolate 2.1 oz 
  • ʻUlu Mana - Ulu Chips Garlic Sea Salt 3.5 oz Bag (not pictured)
  • Kaimana Jerky - Ahi Tuna Jerky 2 oz
  • Island Harvest - Chocolate Covered Organic Macadamia Nuts
  • HI Spice - Pineapple Hot Sauce

About this Gift Set:

Wai Meli - Christmas Berry Blossom Honey

Wai Meli's local raw honey is made right here in Hawai'i. These small harvest honeys come from well-cared honeybees, Wai Meli has immense passion for their honeybees and create amazing tasting honey in an organic fashion. Try this flavor while you can!

This is a delightful one off harvest from Wai Meli's dear friend's farm in Kalopa. The area is well known for Kalopa State Park, a place of ancient Ohi'a trees. The honey contains delightful soft crystals with an intensity of sweetness finished with a hint of buttered popcorn. The Christmas Berry Blossom in this blend adds color and a bright flavor.

Manoa Chocolate - Chocolate Bar

Mānoa Chocolate is a Hawai'i based Chocolate Maker who sources Hawaiian cacao whenever possible. Similar to Wine Makers who buy grapes and turn them into wine, Chocolate Makers buy cacao and turn them into chocolate. Whenever there is available Hawaiian cacao supply, Mānoa Chocolate sources from local farms and turns the raw cacao into premium grade chocolate. Founded in 2010 by bootstrapped college students, Mānoa Chocolate is now the largest Chocolate Maker in the state, and in the top ten of the larger bean-to-bar craft chocolate in the entire U.S.

ʻUlu Chips - Sweet Potato

ʻUlu chips are created in Honolulu with locally grown ʻulu (breadfruit). This starchy fruit was brought here by the Polynesians hundreds of years ago and has been a staple in the Hawaiian diet ever since. ʻUlu Mana takes this delicious fruit that is high in vitamins and fiber, slices it thin, and cooks it in healthy coconut oil. 

Kaimana Fish Jerky - Teriyaki

The Rooster and Tuna meet to make a seriously spicy jerky. This is the only tuna jerky officially sanctioned by Huy Fong Foods, creators of the original Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (aka Rooster Sauce). Full of flavor, packed with protein, high in Omega-3 fatty acids and seasoned with America's #1 hot sauce! Jerky available in a 2 oz resealable bag. All of Kaimana Jerky's fish jerkies are FDA-approved. The team also works closely with the Hawaii Seafood Council to ensure that its supply of fish meets industry standards.

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