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Manele Spice Co. - The Full Set

Created by Food Network Celebrity Chef Adam Tabura, these proprietary, specially curated spices will bring the Hawaiian island flavors to your kitchen anywhere in the world. From the little island of Lānaʻi, Chef Adam sources rock salt produced by the Pacific Ocean for every spice.

Set includes:

  • Everyday Manele Bay Blend
  • Backyard Imu Salt Salt
  • Hawaiʻi's Hoʻokupu Salt Blend
  • Tūtū Mama's Garlic Herb Blend
  • Up Country Style Chile Pepper


  • Backyard Imu Smoke Salt: Sea Salt, Refined Cane Sugar, Hickory Smoked Powder and Rice Concentrate.
  • Everyday Manele Bay Blend: Maui Red Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Garlic, Onion, Chilies, Rice Vinegar Powder, (Mal Todextrin, food Starch-Modified and Rice Vinegar), Hickory Smoke Powder, Rice Concentrate and Spices.
  • Hawai‘i's Ho‘okupu Salt Blend: Pacific Sea Salt, Maui Red Salt, Kauaʻi Green Salt and Kilauea Black Salt.
  • Tūtū Mama's Garlic Herb Blend: White Hawaiian Sea Salt, Maui Red Sea Salt, Chiles, Garlic, Onion, Rice Concentrate and Spices.
  • Up Country Style Chile Pepper: Maui Red Salt, Garlic, Onion, Rice Vinegar Powder (Mal Todextrin, Food Starch-Modified and Rice Vinegar) and Spices. 

Net Weight: 4 oz each

About Manele Spice Co.

adam tabura manele spice co.

Founded by celebrity chef Adam Tabura, Manele Spice Co. offers a range of Hawaii-inspired spice and salt blends perfect for bringing out the delicious flavors in your meats, side dishes, cocktails and more. Manele (pronounced ma • neh • leh) Bay is where it started for Chef Adam. As a local boy who grew up on the small island of Lānaʻi, his dream was to become a chef. At 17 years old, after rescuing a tourist from drowning in Manele Bay, the grateful man wanted to help Adam achieve his dream by sending him to culinary school. Chef Adam made the most of this opportunity going on to become a Food Network show winner, cookbook author and world-renowned celebrity chef.

Chef Adam created Manele Spice Co. to highlight the familiar flavors of Hawaiʻi in easy-to-use salt blends so everyone can prepare their favorite Hawaiʻi dishes at home. His company sources ocean rock salts off the coasts of Hawaiʻi and combines it with the best, all-natural ingredients from around the world.

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