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Pawniolo Pets - Beef Liver Furry Kake

 Furry Kake is pet food that you sprinkle onto any pet food that your dog is sure to enjoy!

Furry Kake is dehydrated single ingredient 100% grass-fed Big Island Beef liver pet food sprinkles.


Furry Kake are 2.5 ounces and preservative free, no additives.  Contains Food Safe desicant packet.



Net Weight: 2.5 oz.

About Pawniolo Pets

Nick and Miki Vericella - Pawniolo PetsPawniolo Pets was founded by a couple of passionate dog owners Nick and Miki Vericella. In 2016, they began preparing raw food and treats using the cattle raised on their family's ranch for their fur-daughter Freya, a mini bull terrier. They soon realized that raw feeding their four-legged family member offered various benefits to her health and behavior.

The company's zero-waste mindset and whole animal butchery practices set it apart from other pet food companies. Today, Pawniolo Pets crafts nutritious raw pet food, single ingredient pet treats and preservative-free chews from 100% locally raised and grass-fed animals. 

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