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We’re excited to announce that Tannya Joaquin will be our host for this year’s Mana Up Broadcast Showcase: World Stage for Hawai‘i on November 20 at 3:00 p.m. HST! We talked story with Tannya Joaquin–TV personality, Emmy-nominated journalist, co-host of Hawai‘i’s original lifestyle program, Living808, and working mama.

Tannya Joaquin is best known for her role as a morning anchor on KHON News, which she first filled in 2002 after making Hawai‘i home. After taking a hiatus from television and pursuing life as a mom-preneur–doing public relations for various local organizations– is back on the set of KHON. This time, as a co-host on Living808 where she shares the special stories of the 808 State’s people, experiences, and aloha. She lives “808” everyday with her ‘ohana–which includes her and two keiki–Hana and Kaimana–by enjoying local food, fashion and fun. In just a couple of weeks she’ll be introducing our islands’ newest budding local entrepreneurs during Showcase. Read our Q&A with her below!

Mana Up: What about collaborating with Mana Up are you most excited about?
Tannya Joaquin: I’ve been a TV personality for 25 years covering elections to news, and now what makes Hawai‘i so unique. That’s what I love about Living808 and Mana Up–I love supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs, and being able to wear and support local. I also enjoy seeing these mompreneurs, boss babes and working moms!

MU: What are you looking forward to at Showcase?
TJ: I’m so excited to host this worldwide event–it’s like Shark Tank meets American Idol meets QVC. I love doing this with local stories that are homegrown, plus I love shopping, music and TV; this is actually my dream job. It’s not just the news–it’s more about lifestyle and supporting our community. The entertainment by Kimié and Josh Tatofi will be the icing on the cake. Also, I’ve never done a live broadcast from Hawaii Theatre before and ironically, I interviewed Gregg Dunn for [Hawaii Theatre’s] 98th anniversary a month ago! It’s such a historic venue.

MU: How does Living808’s program align with our mission at Mana Up?
TJ: We’re completely synergistic–I have always been a fan of Meli and what she’s done to provide a platform for people to tell their story, and help them get in front of an audience. Running a business and in Hawai‘i is hard, but collectively we can be supportive and really shine a spotlight on these companies that we want people to know about.

MU: What are you most excited about in meeting our latest up-and-coming entrepreneurs?
TJ: Seeing small business owners nail their pitch in that “Shark Tank” aspect on a television. [Showcase] will ultimately help them; and for them they must think like, “Wow we’re presenting on a live two-hour event with Josh Tatofi!” This will help them take it to the next level; it’s a jumping off point. You have your moment to shine, so it’s about what you’re going to make of it. It’s so interesting to follow people’s journeys, and watch as a star is born before your eyes. I’m also excited to present new artists as ten of [Haku Collective’s] Mele in Hawai‘i Artists to Watch perform.

Tannya's Fave Things in the 808


We volunteer with horses at Therapeutic Horsemanship and squeeze in as many outdoor adventures where we can enjoy our beautiful surroundings together, hiking, stand-up paddling, tubing, or playing on the beach.


Tough question for a foodie but there’s something about Duke’s that makes it nostalgic and the perfect slice of paradise. Not to mention that perfect slice of Hula Pie!


Can’t beat the poke!


Living at the bottom of a rainbow, like Kimié says. I soak up every sunrise and sunset, and pinch myself that I get to “live 808” in real life and raise my kids in paradise.


Ooh, I love too many to single out one. Here’s who I have on repeat and sing along to in my car: Kimié Miner, Anuhea, Kolohe Kai and Maoli.


I love supporting local so House of Mana Up is one-stop shopping for up-and-coming local brands. For modern aloha wear, my faves are Manuheali‘i and Manaola, and my new obsession–that I discovered through Mana Up and will be wearing for the showcase)–is Kahulale’a. For jewelry–Maui Divers and 21 Degrees North.

Through Living808, Tannya continues to support our community's budding entrepreneurs and local businesses here in Hawai‘i by showcasing them on the daily lifestyle show. We look forward to having her team up with our own Meli James at Showcase to share the stories of our entrepreneurs with an international audience.

Be sure to tune into our live broadcast on KHON on November 20 starting at 2:30 p.m. HST, when we have our pre-show cocktail class and live Hawaiian music, with the main event beginning at 3:00 p.m. HST. Click HERE to register now, and see Tannya introduce our latest rising local business owners to you during Hawai‘i’s ultimate lifestyle event of the year!

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