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In the Hawaiian language, mohala means “to bloom, to blossom, to shine and to be free.” Founded by Ashley Johnson, Mohala Eyewear promotes such values by creating fashionable eyewear that empowers and inspires confidence in women. Want to hear something crazy about eyewear design? Most eyewear is designed for one face shape! 

There is this BIG myth that eyewear is one size fits all no matter what your nose bridge, face shape or face width is. The result of this–women wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable eyewear not designed for them. That’s where Mohala Eyewear comes in. The female-owned brand designs inclusive eyewear featuring various nose bridges and widths to create the perfect fit for every woman. All of its frames also use hypoallergenic acetate, are handcrafted from renewable sources, include polarized lenses that are scratch resistant and block 100% of UV rays among many other features.

Ashley understands the feeling of not looking like the models on TV or in magazines and using products that are not designed for you. She believes women deserved better in eyewear, which means frames that fit and are made for each unique, valued woman. Also, when you purchase a pair of sunglasses, the company is able to send a girl to school at Room to Read Girls’ Education Program for one week. Its team is passionate about education as a means to empower girls around the world.

How they give back:

For every pair of sunglasses purchased, Mohala Eyewear donates one week of school to the Room to Read Girls' Education Program. As of August 2020, the company has provided over 14,000 days of school to girls in need.

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