nick kuchar art & designs co.

Back in 2010, Nick Kuchar’s wife was searching for wall decor to adorn their apartment. However, she couldn't find the vintage Hawai‘i surf map she envisioned in her head, so she asked her husband to illustrate one–leading him to explore how to visually capture some of their favorite local spots. Several boutiques and galleries started to take note of his retro-style Hawaiian travel prints and slowly, but surely his work became available in shops throughout the islands and beyond.

Nick Kuchar is an artist who creates prints inspired by the early days of surf and beach culture, including the vintage color palette, typography and associated nostalgia. He resides on the island of O‘ahu and has collaborated with companies such as Patagonia, Olukai and The Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships.

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